Bare shaft gear pumps with heating chamber.


Bare shaft gear pumps complete of heating chamber on the pump body available in two different constructions:

  • Cast iron with shafts and gears in steel;
  • Inox AISI 316.
  • Pumps available with three different types of seal:
  • /C = Mechanical seal
  • /B = Packing seal
  • /A = Lip seal
  • Pumps can be available complete of safety by-pass valve.
  • Pumps can be heated by recirculating inside the chamber hot water, steam or the liquid pumped.
  • Inlet and outlet nozzles are aligned with same diameter.
  • Self-priming pumps.
  • Pumps for lubricant and viscous liquids without any suspended solid or abrasive substance.
  • Pumps for very thick liquids as glue, bitumen, resin or any liquid that must be heated in order to not solidify.
  • Max temperature of 100 °C for standard version with mechanical seal or lip seal.
  • Max temperature of 180 °C for standard version with packing seal.
  • Max pressure of 10 BAR.
Special Execution
  • Mechanical seal and lip seal for high temperature until 200 °C.
  • Special mechanical seal
  • Reversible pumps.
  • Atex version.