BC pumps on skid with motor

Series MBMC

BC pumps on skid with motor

10-400 L/MIN

Main characteristics

MBM pumps are volumetric gear pumps suitable for transferring lubricant and medium/high viscous liquids without any suspended solids or abrasive substances. They are self-priming pumps used for a wide range of liquids with a viscosity from 1 to 20.000 cSt. The speed of rotation is chosen according to the viscosity of the liquid. Flowrate range is from 10 to 400 L/min.

Available in two different constructions: cast iron with shafts and gears in steel, in stainless steel AISI 316 with shafts and gears in stainless steel.

MBMC pumps, available from size 10 to 400, have got a heating chamber integrated in the pump housing.

BC pumps are useful when the pumped liquid needs to be heated in order to prevent the liquid from hardening. The heating chamber works with a circulation of diathermic oil, hot water or saturated vapor.

MBMC pump is made by BC pump installed on a skid and driven by an electric motor in B3 form by means of an elastic coupling.

Available on request: Version for hazardous areas (ATEX)