Series IF - Low viscosity gear pumps

Series IF

Low viscosity gear pumps

5-25 L/MIN

Main characteristics

IF pumps are volumetric gear pumps suitable for transferring low viscous liquids without any suspended solids or abrasive substances. They are self-priming pumps used for a wide range of liquids with a viscosity from 1 to 1.000 cSt. The speed of rotation is chosen according to the viscosity of the liquid. Flowrate range is from 5 to 25 L/min.

This serie is designed to reach a maximum pressure of 25 bar.

The standard construction is in stainless steel ASI 316.

This serie is used for transferring chemical products and low viscosity media and it was designed for special applications which need low flowrate and high pressure.

IF pumps are designed to be coupled to an IEC electric motor IM B34 by means of coupling. The electric motor can be supplied on request.